The CAMremote is highly integrated miniature remote control device for cameras and camcorders. Several digital cameras/camcorders from Canon, Nikon, Ricoh, Pentax, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus and BlackMagicDesign have a remote control feature which utilizes the Wifi, USB port, an infrared signal, Remote Control Port, LANC remote interface port or Multiterminal Interface port. The CAMremote is a USB On-the-Go device which has USB host and device functionality. It has also Wifi support so camera can be controlled without wires.  It can control the camera's remote features like shutter, zoom, aperture/shutter speed values, etc. In addition, CAMremote has an integrated intervalometer which will trigger the camera automatically after a predefined time. The  infrared support of the CAMremote can be used with cameras where no USB remote control feature is available but which have an infrared sensor. The Remote Port support can be used mostly with SLR-cameras which has dedicated port for remote control. Using Graphical User Interface software which runs on Windows operating systems, CAMremote can store settings for up to seven different camera and/or servo motor configurations. Switching between stored settings is accomplished by pressing an onboard button or remotely using radio control.

The CAMremote-2A

The CAMremote is compatible with JR, Futaba, Hitech and all standard R/C radio receivers. Camera functions (shutter release/zoom/setting changes) can be controlled using the servo channels of an R/C receiver, mechanical switches, or by other electronic devices such as motion sensors, microcontrollers etc. CAMremote can also work as a stand-alone device powered by 3-12V batteries. CAMremote can be used to control servo motors to automatically tilt and pan the camera.

The CAMremote is now controllable using bidirectional UART interface which means that all camera features which are remote controllable can be controlled using simple text commands through UART interface. Master controller can be any system with UART interface like PC with terminal software or any microcontroller. UART specification an current command set can be viewed here.

We are offering possibility to integrate preprogrammed CAMremote microcontroller into customer PCB board and provide integration support.

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17-06-2020 We are migrating to new web page step by step:
28-May-2018 New supported camera: Sony UMC-S3A (full control through Micro-USB Cable: AF, Shoot, Record, Av/Tv/ISO/ExpComp etc)
27-Mar-2018 ZHIYUN Crane MULTI Cable for Sony Cameras added to list
15-Mar-2018 MULTI Adapter for USB connection to PC and Shutter Release hardware added to list
02-Feb-2018 New supported cameras: Sony A7R3, RX10M4, RX0, A9. Panasonic GH5/GH5s/G9 through USB (full control)
24-Apr-2017 CAMremote-3 and CAMremote-3-Wifi released and added to list
13-Feb-2017 Sony UMC-S3C added to list
01-Jul-2016 Parrot Sequoia USB remote control support added (Shoot). More remote controllable features added to Panasonic cameras which have Wifi support: Av, Tv, ISO, Zoom and Manual focus drive 
09-Nov-2015 Long-range Radio Set for triggering Parachuite Rescue Kit is added to product list
04-Nov-2015 Wifi module to control Wifi-enabled cameras is added to product list
17-Jul-2015 New Sony MULTI Cables with 90-degree plug added to product list
29-Jun-2015 Software/Firmware update (beta): Ricoh GR camera support; Av/Tv/ISO control support through USB for Panasonic GH4; UART update; Futaba's SBUS compatible cable added to product list
12-May-2015 Remote Control + A/V Cable for Samsung cameras added to product list
05-May-2015 Software/Firmware update: improved functionality with Sony's MULTI cables and Panasonic GH4 cables
15-Apr-2015 Control cable for Ricoh cameras added to products list
15-Feb-2015 Sony AXP33 4K added to supported camera list
30-Jan-2015 Web pages and e-mails of the has been unavailable 3 days because serious disaster at internet service provider. We are very sorry of that issue! Please contact again if you tried to contact us unsuccessfully.

Wireless PIR Motion sensor added to product list.
17-Dec-2014 MULTI+USB Combo Cable for Sony Cameras added to product list
28-Oct-2014 Software/Firmware update: Zoom support for Panasonic GH4. Requires special cable with 2.5mm plug. New USB+A/V cable for Panasonic cameras (note only GH4 is supporting remote control through USB, firmware support will be available in near future). This cable is useful to connect composite video to video downlink equipment.
10-Sep-2014 Support for new Sony cameras: ICLE-QX1, DSC-QX30, PXW-X70
04-Jul-2014 User Manual update: Added descriptions of new Control Modes. Examples of different configurations (BlackMagic cameras, Sony Multiterminal, GoPro)
11-Mar-2014 Software/Firmware update: Sony Multiterminal interface support added (focusing, shutter release, movie recording, zoom). Sony USB/PTP remote control support added (cameras ILCE-7/7R/5000, SLT-A58/A99/A99V, DLR-A700/A850/A900).  Multiterminal cable added to product list. Shipping cost increased by 1 EUR.
09-Dec-2013 Web version of User Manual released
04-Dec-2013 Software/Firmware update: New Control Modes for Blackagic cameras in order to control shutter release, movie, auto/manual focusing and auto/manual iris control.
16-Sep-2013 Software/Firmware update: BlackMagic Pocket/Cinema cameras support added, GoPro interface cable added to products list
31-Jul-2013 Software/Firmware update: Update is available if you have issues of using Sony LANC interface
19-Jun-2013 Cable with 2 infrared emitters for stereoscopic image/video shooting added to products list
29-Apr-2013 Software/Firmware update: Sony LANC interface improvement
11-Mar-2013 Software/Firmware update: Nikon DSLRs PTP support added (shutter speed, aperture, ISO, shutter release, movie recording - tested on Nikon D800). Smooth zoom improvement for LANC cameras
08-Sep-2012 Software/Firmware update: LANC interface support added. Supported cameras list updated
14-Apr-2012 More examples (different setups) added to ordering page; Samsung Remote Port cable added
13-Apr-2012 Software/Firmware update: Improved shutter release compatibility with Nikon DSLRs and Nikon Coolpixes in USB/PTP mode
09-Mar-2012 Software/Firmware update: Shutter release can be swapped to movie record and can be used to make time lapse recordings or use movie recording with motion sensor; ISO+/- function added to RC control profile
29-Jan-2011 Software/Firmware update: High Dynamic Range (HDR) shooting support mode added, GoPro HERO camera support added
19-Aug-2011 New Remote Port cables for Canon/Nikon/Sony added to ordering page
25-Jul-2011 Software/Firmware update: 'BUSY' text issue in Canon DSLRs solved; improved USB communication speed. UART interface support.
18-Jul-2011 Software/Firmware update: 12-button transmitter support added; liveview mode handling improved on Canon DSLRs
01-Mar-2011 Software/Firmware update: Servo-controlled zoom improvements, system startup improved
13-Dec-2010 List of supported Remote Port cables/cameras updated
27-Nov-2010 Software/Firmware update: Sony NEX-5 IR support added, Profiles save/load to file added to configuration software
20-Aug-2010 Software/Firmware update: Few radio-related issues fixed
12-Aug-2010 Software/Firmware update: Normal and 360° panning servo support added to configuration software.
22-Jul-2010 Software/Firmware update: Critical update to solve radio receiver issue for customers who bought the CAMremote with radio receiver between 14-30th of June 2010.
08-Jun-2010 Software/Firmware update: Canon DSLRs stability improvement of video recording
30-May-2010 Software/Firmware update: Infrared support for Panasonic HDC-SD300 added
27-May-2010 Software/Firmware update: Video recording support for Canon 500D/550D
17-Mar-2010 Software/Firmware/User Manual update
05-Feb-2010 Software/Firmware update: VIDEO RECORDING and MANUAL FOCUS support for Canon 5D Mark II and 7D (beta)
17-Dec-2009 Software/Firmware update: USB remote control support for Canon DSLRs (beta)
28-Sep-2009 Release of new wireless radio modules for CAMremote-2
22-May-2009 Software/Firmware update, experimental version for CAMremote-2
01-Apr-2009 Release of the CAMremote-2 PRO version
18-Mar-2009 Release of the CAMremote-2 LIGHT version
06-Feb-2009 Light Sensor Feedback Cable for CHDK cameras
28-Jan-2009 Software/Firmware update
24-Sep-2008 Software/Firmware update: USB remote triggering support added for Nikon dSLR's/P&S, Ricoh GX100/200, Canon 350D/400D cameras; Canon dSLR remote port support (focus/shutter release) added, Infrared support added for Panasonic camcorders, 64-bit Windows Vista support improved
23-May-2008 Software/Firmware update
09-May-2008: Software/Firmware update: Infrared camera/camcorder support added  for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, Olympus, Konica, Minolta
17-Apr-2008: Supported camera list updated
25-Apr-2008: Software/Firmware update


Connectivity of the CAMremote-PRO

Connectivity of the CAMremote-PRO


Supported Cameras and IR Remote Controllers 

Important note: it doesn't mean that camera is not remote controllable if your camera is not listed here. Please ask for more info.

Latest firmware version supports following cameras and infrared remote controllers:


    USB/PTP Mode:         * Beta version available
        ** Support is under development

    USB/CHDK Mode:

    USB/CA1 Mode:     PORT/3PIN Mode (Remote Port):
           * Beta version available

    LANC Control Mode (may not listed all possible new cameras):

    Sony MULTITERMINAL Control Mode (may not listed all possible new cameras, check here, here, here and here for latest compatibility info):

    Infrared Remote Controllers:

NOTE: Support will be added for additional camera brands and models if there is remote control feature built in. If you have a camera not listed here which can be controlled using your PC, Smartphone, infrared, LANC or Remote Port, please let us know.

The CAMremote is fully configurable and its firmware is upgradeable using graphical user interface software:

Configuration software

Example of using the CAMremote with camera in automatic photographing mode, simplest setup:

Setup example of CAMremote-1

More details about the use of the device can be found in the CAMremote User Manual.

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